A series of seventeen large-scale artworks installed on the walls of seperate rooms in an office building in Berlin. Each room is dedicated to a Berlin institution, place or a person whose influence has left its mark on the city.



The design picks up on the original guiding principle of the Wuhlheide of “rest and relaxation of mind and body”, with collages of old flower illustrations and archive photos of Berliners.

Direct print on acoustic panels
wall A = 3470 x 3300 mm
wall B = 2200 x 3300 cm


Inspired by the history of the building, I selected architectural details spanning different time periods from current and archival photographs, original KaDeWe advertisements, floor plans etc.

The design results in a mix of lines, shapes, dots, patterns, colors and others details found in the architecture.

Direct print on acoustic panels
5850 x 3150 mm


Hauptmann von Köpenick

Design is based on an old program flyer from the Thalia Theater in Hamburg. The colors refer to the Köpenick coat of arms. The artwork alludes to Prussia's adherence to authority as well as the masquerade of the shoemaker Friedrich Wilhelm Voigt, who became well-known as the Hauptmann von Köpenick in 1906.

Direct print on acoustic panels
3400 x 3300 mm



Inspired by pop art, the design is a tribute to the rich cakes and glorious time of the Café Kranzler.

Direct print on acoustic panels
wall A = 3300 x 2800 mm
wall B = 2200 x 2800 mm



Composition created from abstracted samples collected on a walk through the forest Grunewald.

Direct print on acoustic panels
5380 x 3000 mm



The design is based on a sound recording (found on Wikipedia) from a walk through the domes of the listening station. It perfectly captures the dystopian aspect of the building.

I converted the recording into a visual file and created with additional photographs an image that plays the actual sound file, if reimported into ‘Audacity’. The QR-Code on the other wall links aswell to the sound file.

So whenever you are in that room, you can easily take a short audiovisual trip to this special Berlin landmark.

Direct print on acoustic panels
wall A 2800 x 2400 mm
wall B 4660 x 2400 mm



The design shows a typical Sunday at Boxi. Inspired by architecture and hobby model building, the scenery elements include people figurines, strollers, trees, pigeons, flea market objects, beer bottles...

Direct print on acoustic panels
wall A = 2150 x 3000 mm
wall B = 3150 x 3000 mm


Berlin’s oldest village, Lübars, is surrounded by fields and meadows.
In the south, it borders on Märkisches Viertel, a large housing estate with high-rise buildings. The border between the two neighbourhoods delineates a sharp, almost surreal contrast. 

The design is a grid based collage of the two neighborhoods. Inspired by sliding puzzles some of the squares can be moved.

Direct print on acoustic panels with magnets
wall A = 2170 x 2630 mm
wall B = 2120 x 2630 mm



„Draussen tobt der Konsens, während ich hier drin Tradition und Anarchie gleichermaßen aufrechterhalte."
“Outside, consensus rages, while in here I uphold tradition and anarchy in equal measure.” The quote works like a puzzle and can also be rearranged to form a new sentence. The black graphics are printed on the accoustic panel. The colored shapes are cut out of magnetic sheets.

Direct print on acoustic panels with magnetic elements
3100 x 3100 mm


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